Yesterday, the third skip arrived. Both brother and I were there, for we were haulling in old furnature which was either very tatty or could not be sent to the British Heart Foundation for referbishment and sell in their shops. Good furnature that went was because the cloth of the upholstery did not meet modern fire safety standards.

While only the third skip, there have been uncountable loads haulled by car to the local dump – more or less sorted of recycle and landfill. I took a load of hoarded food – best before dates in the 1980s. Dreadful job, as many tins had burst, sticky, stinking mess, but someone had to clear it. Problem is, there is more, and I had enough sarcasm from the staff at the dump for the one load I took. And they know me, (and no doubt brother) as we’ve been there so often.

In the past week, brother organised a garden company to come in and cut down the wild trees that overshadowed the house – about half way down the garden. While we were there, the neighbour turned up to thank us for doing so, as it meant they could use their barbeque until about 8pm at this time of the year, rather than 4pm before the trees were removed. Indeed, they were so keen, they volunteered to pay to have the bottom half of the garden cleared, so that they could put up a new fence. We also discussed a new fence at the bottom of the gardens, and that we would share the cost.

The garden people found a load of metal rails. I realised these must be some kind of cold frame, which the load of glass in the house suggested had to be around. So I dug it out, and today took it to Mothers. I did a quick check, and it would appear to be complete, but since I have no idea of the design, I cannot be sure. Like all of Aunt’s enterprises, if she did anything she did it on an industrial scale. This cold frame is so long the main parts just fitted into my MB (so 3m/9″ long), double sided. Still trying to work out how all the parts fit together, for if there were any plans, they are lost (along with the bolts, but that is a minor problem).