It’s been just over a year since I last published anything. There are two main reasons – work and health (or lack of the latter).

Firstly to Pubs. One I don’t think I’ve mentioned is the Pheasant at Farnham, an old pub in a village that had two others, it didn’t survive, was demolished and made way for a surprisingly large number of housing units.

In Tescoville, the George V survives, in a livery of green that I’ve seen at various pubs which I take to mean some kind of chain, Scottish and Newcastle owned apparently.

The Terriers is now a Vetenarians.

One called the Happy Wanderer isn’t converted to a Tescos, shock horror! Permission refused, surely not because there is an independant (and completely awful, I’ve been in there and can state categorically this is the case) local supermarket opposite?

Somewhere or other in Tescoville I noticed some time ago another pub with what looked very much like the preparations for another Tesco…

Nearer my normal stamping ground the Hope & Anchor was forced to close, despite popularity and protests by the host and customers, and it looks just perfect for a supermarket conversion. No other supermarkets for a fair walk, although it is alongside a parade of other shops, largish building in good state of repair, housing estate with no shops to my knowledge behind it. But no clue as to who might take it over.

There are other pubs that I would count as vunerable – either they are the down-at-heel one in an area that, these days, would be classed as having too many pubs, or ones that are just closed down already and waiting to discover their fate.