Doom and Gloom

August 29, 2010

I’ve not posted much lately, and here is the reason.

Mother has been moved into a home, for she was too frail to manage the stairs at home.

As I had previously said I was interested in taking over Mother’s home, I agreed to brother taking over mother’s finances (which I had been doing), to remove a “conflict of interest”.

Yet within 24 hours of this, he told me he’d be gutting Mother’s place with the view to selling asap. My chances of having a house with a garden relied upon inheriting this place, and, financally, that is at least 2 years down the line before it becomes necessary.

Since his house clearing makes the Nazi invasion of Russia look considerate, I’m full of doom; out-manoeuvered (yet if it were not for my manoeuvering in the first place, we’d not be having this row). He’s OK with wife, kids, well paid job, I’ve none of these, and inheriting half the estate (the bricks and mortar half; I’d let him have the cash) was my last hope. So carelessly tossed aside in his master plan.

I predit. He’ll get the gardeners around, and cut down every tree, including the 5 Apple and 1 pear, to the ground. Why don’t they demolish the the greenhouse, which is mine, and Father’s shed with all his tools while they are about it, for I have nowhere else to put them.

I’ll also argue that he wants me to sell off/give away/dump every last possession, momento other than one plate, a fork and a mattress, so when I die he or his kids don’t have a long job in clearlng this one bedroom flat, which his actions have left me with no option but to live here until I die.

Bitter, moi?