More on concept cars.

August 20, 2008

In May (22nd, to be precise) this year I made reference to retro styled cars, I suggested that the next car would be the Citroen 2CV.

It’s not long before I stumbled upon this website describing the concept.

I was somewhat late in leaving to go to a customer in Oxfordshire today (DHL failing to deliver in anything like good time). Anyway, I joined the M25, on the way to the M4, and as I joined I met an incredible sight. These were all taken by me, using my camera phone, at about 55mph.

Not the first view, but I fell in behind…


As it got to the M4 junction, this lorry pulled to the right, I to the left, to negociate the M25/M4 junction, so a behind side view…


And then the full side view.


From the internet: This from the “Poppy line”, Midland and Great Northern Joint Railway Society (pic and text).


Bressingham Museum’s ‘Martello’, a Southern Railways ‘Brighton Terrier’ 0-6-0 visited from late December 2005 to late March 2006. It was built by William Stroudley in 1875.These two-cylinder engines were known as the ‘Brighton Terriers’ and were in service for up to ninety years. Martello was withdrawn in November 1963.


This pic comes from a video site of Peter Boggis, and shows the train on the North Norfolk Railway (the Poppy line), the line of the M&GN

It also worked the West Somerset railway in 2006.

There had been showers all day (I left to go to this journey during a thunderstorm). On the way back, about 19:00, there was this partial rainbow. I took the pic more to see how the camera would cope. All in all, I’m impressed, especially since I was rather occupied at the same time…


Newly available Beers

August 10, 2008

On Saturday, Waitrose in Richmond, and I came across their expanded range of Meantime Brewery’s range – in this case 750ml bottles of London Porter and India Pale Ale. These are in larger versions of their 330ml bottles, and wired cork enclosured.

But my real shopping is Waitrose, Beaconsfield, on Sunday. They have a larger range of Beers here, although not Meantime as they are not “local”. This branch even stocked Grolsch Weizen beer, in reused (standard) swingtop bottles and Dutch labels (sadly no longer).

However, to my surprise, there was Marston’s Oyster Stout (which I used to buy in Sainsburys about a decade ago, and then disappeared), and Black Sheep Brewery’s Yorkshire Square Ale.

If that was not enough, there were 750ml wired corked bottles of Duvel.

(I might try and post a picture of these in the next few days…)

Naturally I had to purchase a few samples for evaluation…