More on hands

December 23, 2008

After a sleepless night, I went round to the local pharmacy to see if they would give me something like antihistimines for my hands. No. They told me to visit my GP. Sadly, my GP retired recently, so never seen his replacement, and in any case my faith in the medics regarding my psoriasis is rock bottom. I told the pharmicist why, i.e. the consultant refusing to give me a patch test (to check for allergies, and I’ve had this for at least ten years now), and she was amazed/understood why I had no faith. But could not offer anything.

In the end I put some of the hydrocortisone cream on my hands, covered in thin vinyl gloves for a few hours – and suddenly, I could form a fist (carefully), actually use my hands! It’s not so much swollen hands, as swollen skin on the hands, which the cream has helped (six hours after removing gloves and washing hands, still far better than this morning – this is more or less touch-typed).

No posts for months….

December 13, 2008

A lot has happened since I last wrote in August, and not much for the good.

1. Now, for the second time, my hands have swollen up so that my fingers are almost rigid. First time was in early Sept, one reason I stopped writing. This is one finger typing, almost.

2. Mother had a minor fall, went into Stoke Mandaville hospital where she caught some infections. This has affected her mentally, and after a month’s stay (should have been 3 days), she’s back at home. But she has 4 careworker visits a day, makes far too many phone calls to inappropriate people etc. In all likelihood, she should be in a home. This destroys any chance of any inheritance at all, as it will all be eaten up in care home fees. She also has cancer, which the hospital thought she was too frail to operate, so it’s only pills to control it.

3. My car only just passed it’s re-MOT by the skin of its teeth, having failed the first time quite badly – the MOT station did not want to do the repairs, forcing me to go elsewhere (and not that wonderful job, either).

4. The main computer failed – the hard disks loosing data etc. It took close onto a fortnight (not always working on this, I did have site visits etc to do) before I could get this, another old computer, up and running linux without too
many issues.

5. Work. Remember that? Still building up, despite the recession all about us. Prices to us are going up, though.