On house clearing duty again, with two trips to the local dump/recycle place. Brother has complained that the staff clearly have time on their hands as they go through the rubbish to see it has all been correctly assigned and sorted into paper/cardboard/glass etc. He clearly does not bother with recycle then.

Anyhow on one trip I had some metal, and in the metal dump I spotted something familiar, namely the treadle of a sewing machine. This one was labelled “Singer”, was without the wooden top or the sewing machine itself. There was not even a belt, which I would have gone for as a spare.

But it reinforced my view that these sewing machines, even if they are in working order, such as the one I rescued, have zero value.

It’s the same thing with old cars; some have next to zero value despite being in good condition, yet others in obviously poor shape are worth mind-boggling sums – pre-restoration!

It is the story so many times in clearing Aunt’s house. Something interesting is found. Yet has has next to no monetry value – sometimes things might make a couple of pounds on ebay, but a lot of effort to go through to raise a very small amount of cash overall.

It has become important to clear Aunt’s as fast as possible. Mother definately needs a home place soon, and it will be funded by herself – i.e. first the selling of Aunt’s house. Moreover, its value empty is so much greater than when filled, the value of what is in there being negligable, it is only the search for heirlooms and items of interest that prevent wholescale skippage of the lot.