Parking cars

October 22, 2014


Car parking is a topic that gets people hot under the collar. Where I live in London there was huge opposition to the introduction of a Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) in the area. I was involved in the fight, won a few concessions around the issues – not enough spaces for the cars there then, let alone when they zoned the place, for example. Some of us are able to access the neighbouring CPZ (just across the road), which was very underused even at night, so I’m glad I got involved and won the concession of “dual zone” permits for the like of myself. Though I note it’s slowly disappearing as new people, unaware of the concession, apply for their permits.

I was talking to another anti-CPZ person a few days ago, and he said he was utterly converted – it was so nice to see the road so empty. during the day Now, unlike me, he has off-street parking in London (a driveway), so he didn’t have the problem I have.

I have the same problem of parking spaces “in Spades” at Mother’s, where on street car parking spaces are reduced by rather inconsiderate off-street parking arrangements. Yes, they park on their own front garden, paved over – but they assume access across the full frontage to the road, rather than just by the driveway. So in the past couple of years, the number of street parked cars appears to have doubled, while the number of spaces have actually decreased.

There has not been, to my knowledge, people coming to blows over parking spaces, but it’s getting close. Recently, someone with off-street parking was blocked in by an inconsiderate car-parker blocking his (driveway) access. A couple of cars are now parked crossing the pavement (not parallel, but across the pavement) due to lack of space, and one appears to be parked in the middle of the road simply for somewhere to put it (cars can get by either side)