Overgrown garden

May 31, 2008

I was at mother’s yesterday, on a couple of errands. The garden seemed more overgrown than ever – even compared to last weekend. Now I don’t have much chance of doing anything about it – it’s 8 am this morning and I’ve already been working for 3/4 of an hour – but it is depressing.

However, a couple of interesting views:


Common or garden, literally, chives. Ah, wonder what’s happened to the garlic chives?


This is a lavender with lime green flowers.

There is a road nearby to here, where nearly every garden has lavenders that push out towards the path. At this time of year, it’s a spectacular view.

Another short week.

May 27, 2008

Back with a bang after the bank holiday weekend, with questions and enquiries flooding in (relative to the last couple of weeks). Deadlines may be fixed, but some seem less fixed than others.

I kind of wasted yesterday, in that there was plenty to do – work related and non-work related, but never really got around to doing any of it. Which just piles more pain onto the rest of the week.

I’ve mentioned in passing that I sing in a choir. Well, it looks like the choir is finally in serious trouble.

Ticket sales have been poor for over a year now, and the choir has also lost sponsorship and advertising deals – more probably due to the economic times rather than anything the choir has done itself. In part I think we’re all sold out when it comes to flogging tickets, and just cannot be arsed any more, and the same applies for trying to find sponsors, or sell advertising space, especially as times turn hard.

I now learn that the management is in serious trouble. The choir has not had a chairman for the last year, but now the secretary – really the lynchpin – is also resigning after many years in the job. The vice chair is also resigning, as well as some regular committee members. The choir surely cannot continue without anyone to do the organisation.

As of today, there has not been one volunteer to stand for any post. Tomorrow’s rehearsal (and I will not be there, having decided positively not to do the next concert, the official reason is pressure of work, and there are figures to back up that claim) will prove interesting, as there will be a discussion about it; with what I think is going to be a very undersized choir!


May 26, 2008

Slugs and snails are generally a pain. They eat the seedlings, or try and eat the cacti. Funnily enough, I only ever seem to find full size edible snails when I’m trying to get rid of them.

However, there is one species of snail that I come across. Often well up in the canopy of the apple trees or other similar location, and unlike edible snails, they don’t appear to do any damage to the plants.



No idea what species this snail is. I’ve only ever seen it in parents garden.

Just cannot recall

May 25, 2008

I know enough music that there are times I know the music, completely, but have not a clue as to what it is. This evening (back from C London) was a Bach work on R4. Now I knew it was Bach from the style, not because I remembered it was a work of Bach, as it were.

When I get these senior moments, and the work is a choral one, I can even sing along to it (the appropriate part), and yet still no idea what the work actually is.

Tat Modern

May 25, 2008

In central London today, for various reasons.

One reason was to go to Tat[e] Modern, to check out their exhibition Street and Studio. Some of the exhibits are in an archive owned by a family member. They are out of the country at the moment, so I went along to check things out. I did not visit the exhibition, but checked out the catalogue and the postcard. I think there is a serious error in the catalogue, but I also learnt something from it, namely that one significant work on the archive was published in Seattle. A million miles, metaphorically, from Hampshire.

I forgot to take pics of the front of Tat Modern, defaced by cartoon characters painted onto the brickwork. After Shibboleth undermining its foundations, and these cartoons defacing its frontage, I propose a huge crane, with ball-and-chain, to start hitting the place, and call it Improvement.

This, however, was not my main reason for being in central London today. Worthwhile, but I’m not saying why, as it will enable people to work out who I am. However, as a disguise while on public tranport, I was wearing my late father’s tweed jacket. This provided comment from the principal, as he (in jest, assumed) I was wearing it during the event. If only. At least it fitted.

Sadly, middle aged spread has hit Deepthought, to the extent that the shirt size has shifted half a size for neck reasons, but turn out too long for sleeve reasons.

At mother’s today, as I am otherwise engaged tomorrow, the usual day that I visit her, and do her shopping. And wasn’t Waitrose a malestorm compared to a Sunday…

When at mother’s, at one point, one of the Wrens flew into the open greenhouse, as I was watering it; I hope I scared it out again, I did my best, but did not see it leave (unlike the Robin that did so last year).

The dahlias are starting to sprout, so I moved them outside, since the chances of frost now must be as close to zero as to be zero. But I began to be concerned by the stiff breeze blowing the trees around this evening. Might be good for the Apple trees, to encourage an early “June Drop”.

I also drove mother into town, to the new M&S shop. She was after a new top and some other things, and came away disappointed. And lost the receipt to return the item she did buy (on my credit card). If I had been a regular of M&S woman’s wear, I would not have taken her, for there was nothing suitable. It was quite some walk from the car park (and its disabled bays) to the shop.

In fact her disabled parking expired yesterday, but I was able to park within a couple of cars of the bays, so no difficulty there (for a change).

Sadly, all the plumbing problems remain…

Chelsea Flower Show

May 23, 2008

This year’s Chelsea Flower show has ended this evening.

A few years ago, Mother was annually given two tickets for the first RHS day (Tuesday) by her sister. Many years, I would go with her (other years was my late Father). There was always interesting displays etc. One year there was a cactus nursery which had a spectacular display; and I purchased some.

Rebuta <i>Apricot Ice</i>

Rebuta Apricot Ice

This one is flowering this year (not as much as past years). It is a varietal, called “Apricot Ice”. Two others are in the background.

Many of the special gardens stand out. I remember one, being grass, with large (6′) stones, into which stained glass had been made. Talking to the guys, it seems the most costly part was cutting the holes for the stained glass. Oddly enough, I felt I could recommend any granit kitchen work-top company to do the job with despatch and economically!


This Morris Minor belongs to a friend of mine – I’ve airbrushed the reg plate for privacy. This one has been restored, and even the trafficators work (but their normal sluggish state).

I have fond memories of these. My aunt loaned our family her white Morris Minor to allow us to go on holiday one year. I’m struggling to think where, it may have been North Wales. But the half timbered car became a favourate as it had allowed us this break. I think we either did not have a car or it had broken down at the time.

Half timbered cars had an echo many years later. Brother and myself were going on holiday in France, and it was decided my 20-year-old Volvo (named Ingrid) was pushing our luck, so we were to use brother’s Mini. I was booking the details, and had to give the age of the car – the guy at the other end started laughing and asked whether it was a half-timbered Mini. Huh!. It wasn’t in fact, which is a shame. Father’s best man owned one, during the time we (as children) visited him – he was father’s best friend from his youth.

The new Mini Clubman is, unfortunately, not half-timbered.

Anyhow, we now have relaunched versions of the Volkswagen Beetle, the Mini, and the Fiat 500. I for one am watching for the relaunch of the Deux Chevaux.. Why is it I cannot think of a Ford or a GM (Vauxhall) car that has the same iconic status for a rehaunch? I suppose because they never kept the same model in production for so long. Who wants a Cortina (unless you want a Life On Mars)

“Wild” flowers

May 22, 2008

In what is still accessible (just) parts of mother’s garden I found a couple of interesting plants. The first is a bluebell (rather finished); is it the English form, or a spanish one from a nearby garden. Not that any nearby gardens appeared to have them.

The other is an aquilegia, which does seem to have blown in from a nearby garden.



This other one, I don’t know the name of, but is quite common in the area. At the moment it looks very nice, but it’s seeds are worse than dandilion seeds, there are millions of them, blowing around all over the place.


I also think the red hot poker plant (another blow in) is sulking this year, it does not seem to be doing anything at present.