Catholic “9 Lessons”

December 24, 2009

At Brother’s for the by now traditional Christmas Eve get together of our half of
the family. It is thin these days – all three of us joining his family.

This year had an unusual twist. Apparently there had been the Roman Catholic equivalent of “Nine Lessons and Carols” at my nieces’ school, and volunteers were asked to deliver the lessons etc. My brother volunteered, or was volunteered by his wife. All well and good.

So when told the story that he had to give six of the lessons as no-one else
volunteered, I asked his wife what the Church would have thought if they knew he was confirmed into the Church of England (even I am not, but if I were, I would be far higher church than he) and was still an Anglican; the start and giggle she gave showed that this had not even been considered! And certain to remain a secret.

A while ago I blogged about how I was able to keep a weather eye on the greenhouse at Mother’s. Well, today I noticed that the temperature was about 2C. So when I went up to the greenhouse, I checked the Max/Min -zero was the min. But with the air blower going all the time, it had not appeared to cause too much damage – the Cacti were OK. There were two hands of orchid flowers on the Cymbidium

This readout device is more sophisticated that the previous one, in that it will record the Max and Min itself, but I never have the instructions on me to learn how to set it up.

Although I had adjusted the heater in November, I found I had to make a significant change in the termostat. When I left, the display unit was showing about 4C, having made a peak. I’ll have to try and get Mother to keep an eye on it, as I have found that an East Wind seems to affect the heaters, causing them to go into overdrive and make it a sub-tropical greenhouse.

The snow in Mother’s road was untreated and a mess. I just got the car past her house (going uphill), then let it back into her driveway, and parked on the horizontal. On my way there I had seen the evidence of a car that had been parked, but then sliid down the steep hill and wrapped itself around a lamp-post. On the way back, I found that the car would skid at any moment, especially while driving down a steep hill, but along the flat of the valley bottom, and until I joined the Motorway back to London.

It made it...

Last year my poor car scraped through the MOT with a list of adviseries as long as my arm. I thought that I’d have to get another one. But what with one thing and another, I didn’t get the chance. Not long ago I managed to get the car on a ramp, and could assess what was wrong. A lot less than the Adviseries made me think, but because I had thought it was at the end, I had not bothered with much maintenance.

Being time poor at present, I did a couple of jobs that would otherwise be insulting, then took it round. Of course it failed, but the cost of repair was justifiable – even with the garage doing it.

It took over a week, but it’s legally back on the road from Monday (two days ago). Thus a landmark that I did not think the car would reach was reached, on the M4 today: 240,000 miles. Rather difficult taking these photos…