June drop (1)

June 29, 2008

..or not, despite gale winds blowing this month over the S of England. Adam’s Pearmain appears to be going for a record crop at present.

But in the “apple store” as recorded last year, meyhem.

But having waded through the remains, and working the tools not used for at least ten years, suddenly called into use…

Catch up

June 29, 2008

Fortunately, Mother’s (and various others’) land-lines were restored last Wednesday.

Visit to mother’s today had various sights:

1. Red kite having caught some prey, circling around;

2. Finally revealled; why the hot water system was leaking;

3. Found; a genuine Kilner jar of a size I never knew existed;

4. Mother’s driving still OK-ish, but slipping the clutch and screaming the engine…

I have no photo of the Red Kites, nor do mother’s neighbours. At one possible chance, when talking to a neighbour, I brought out my phone-camera, to try. But it was too high. When I looked at neighbour, she had her camera out as well… so clearly a lot of us are trying to get good pictures of the Red Kites circling around.

2 and 3 will be subjects for future blogs, as they are current and not complete.

4 is head in hands: 0;-( (crying and halo = Jesus wept).

Bloody BT

June 24, 2008

I had a phone call from mother, very brief, from her mobile, which then cut out. I tried phoning back, on both mobile, and landline – and was puzzled at no answerphone. I became concerned.

I was about to try a neighbour when they phoned. It turned out all the BT lines in the area are out, and mother had gone to them for help.

In the end I drove back, sorted out mother’s mobile phone – the battery pack is almost dead, for good measure – put more money into it, etc.

But the really bad news is that BT will not come out and fix the system until 1 July. There are a number of OAP households in this area, all deprived of their landlines. Trying to keep mother to keep her mobile on (she normally keeps it off) is a big battle.

BT is going to pay for this crap service.

What a shock!

June 18, 2008

A few days ago, while driving home from out Oxfordshire way, I came across this bus:


Oh how sorry I thought. Now I know that this was one of the “Routemasters” that were upgraded around the year 2000, but I suspect it had another engine change, since it sounded different. Now being used for a hospitality unit, it would appear, and apart from the colour change, there were a few other changes externally (as well as the back step being covered up).

It was quite difficult to take the picture, in as much as I was also driving, but I managed to get ahead of it, then as I was turning off (and at traffic lights), stuck my phone/camera out the sunroof and had a go. Not a bad shot, in that regard. At the bottom of the pic is the roof of my car.

Jam Making

June 18, 2008

On Sunday at Waitrose, I noticed loads of raspberries heavily reduced. As is my practice, I purchased them with the aim of starting this year’s Rumtopf. But it was a couple of days before I got around to it, by which time many of the raspberries were too ripe. I started the rumtopf off, but with the rest – only 9oz, I made some jam.


It took me back. Firstly, because it is a little early for jam making. By which I mean, in my youth, it would be early. It was a family tradition to make jam in early july, with whatever we could get from the garden, to make “holiday jam” – jam that was taken on holiday, usually in Devon. The jam was mainly loganberry, but with strawberry, currants, rhubarb, and occasionally some other fruits were tried.

Secondly, because I used my father’s guide to jam making – 3lb of fruit, 3lb of sugar makes 5lb of jam. Clearly I did not have that amount of fruit, but I scaled everything, but did not weigh the jam at the end.

The jar is interesting. For a short time, Waitrose sold prepared meals from France, sold in these jars, at about £4. Since they sold the jars separately for £3, it was a good buy – and a nice French dish as well. But they never sold well, and eventually were discontinued.

I notice that although the jar is clearly French, both because the manufacturer’s name and by the style of sealing, it’s still called “Kilner”!.

I should add that I have great difficulty connected my phone to this computer these days, will have to try another route so as to be able to post pictures.

Summer Man Flu

June 2, 2008

Felt awful this morning, could hardly swallow unless in such an uncomfortable position in bed as to move away asap.

Croaked my way through the day, but did not go and collect stuff, on the grounds I’d like to be close to a loo on short notice today.