Closed and Closing pubs – an update

August 20, 2013

The conversion of the ‘Golden Fleece’ to a Tesco Express is now complete.

The now transformed (in many senses) Golden Fleece

The now transformed (in many senses) Golden Fleece

I’ve made mention of ‘The Warren’ and ‘Duke of Wellington’ being converted to Tesco and Sainsbury’s respectively, and that they are at either end of one particular road. If you continue from Tesco to Sainsburys along the same road line (it changes name), at the next junction there is the ‘Windsor Castle’. I have had no reason to go there recently until last week, and I see that it how has ‘Freehold For Sale’ signs. That looks like one that is about to close (if not already closed – hard to tell).

Elsewhere, the conversion of ‘The Terriers’ is about complete, this time to a Vet practice (apparently). Further down that road is ‘The Beech’, which has For Sale signs up.

Meanwhile, in Tescoville, one of the ‘Local’ branches – doesn’t appear to be a conversion in this case – also houses the local sub-Post Office, to my surprise. I suppose no reason why not, but it does show how established these ‘Local’, ‘Metro’ and the like branches of the big chains are becoming. And of course they sell for higher prices than the same thing in the large supermarkets, trading on the convience of being local, but undercutting the previously established corner grocers/mini-marts and the like, either the small chains (Budgens, for example) or independents.

[Blog revised with photo added and text adjusted – took longer to get a photo than I expected]


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