End of the Saab.

April 14, 2010

The end of the road for the Saab.

A sad day today. I got a car scrap dealer to come and take the Saab away. At least it was pulled onto the back of a van, not lifted up with a crane. I even got £60 for it, but I’m sorry to see it go after 13 years. But it was breaking down too often and getting impossible to keep on the road.

I had kept it for a few days thinking about getting the exhaust pipe off, but not being able to move it, that would have been a very tricky roadside job.

The picture was taken at the last point the car got to under its own power, by the side of the M40 motorway up the hill towards Beaconsfield. I should have written it down, but I think the final mileage was 242120.