Last week brother was clearing, and came across this:

Another find

This is a treadle sewing machine, which early research shows must be at least 100 years old; after 1905, this machine would have been branded “Singer”, who took over the company.

One idea was to see if it would sell on ebay, as no-one has the space or desire for it (for me the former). So I went up to take some pics. Such as the maker’s plate:

The maker's plate

However, it did not want to run. So I opened it up, and found a huge tangle in the underneath. It took a goodish time, but finally I cleared it (Aunt clearly had really mucked it up, and then given up with it). Incredibly, I was able to work out how to thread it up. Then using a J-cloth, being the first/only thing I could find, I gave it a spin:

The first seam sewn in - 40 years?

The single draw in the table this is mounted on (it seems unusual, 4 draws are much more common on the internet) suggested that it had last been used just after decimalisation, so perhaps 35 – 40 years since it had “jammed” and not been used again.

The more I see this, the more I wish I could keep it, but where, and why?