Photographic proof

March 30, 2010

L-R: My new (sic) and Colleague's MBs

I had been invited to a “meet” this evening, of car enthuiasts. One reason was my “new” MB, and the unbelievable coincidence of the registration. Indeed, this picture was deliberately posed, after colleague and I had driven in convoy from my place to this pub in Esher.

I’m now a member of the Mercedes-Benz Club, the oldest such club there is (older than any in Germany), and recogised by Daimler Benz. In the “meet” was the Gazette editor, a few others I had also met before at colleague’s 50th birthday surprise, and one of his particular friends who had helped me out on Saabs on various occasions, but a current Skoda owner. So one of the photos taken is likely to appear in the Gazette, along with text from one or both of us about this incredible find.

On two occasions I had driven colleage’s car (following his 170VB MB to Sandwich and back), and that was because his car had a tow bar, and the Saab did not. Apart from a heart-attack when I could not get the thing to accelerate to overtake (the “kick down”), it was a pleasant drive, and one reason to purchase such a car. But on this occasion, driving in convoy to the pub (if I had realised which pub it was, I should have taken the lead, so the convoy was in order) I found his driving hard to follow. I had to move my auto in “S” (Sport?) in order to leap into junctions behind his diesel MB, rather than the “E” (Economy) I normally run in. Following is definately more difficult.


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