A surprising “new” car

March 20, 2010

The poor old Saab - superceded by an older car...

Yesterday was quite an adventure. I discovered that there were two W124 Mercedes Benz for sale at a garage in W London, and my colleague, a W124 owner himself, volunteered to come along. To say he is an expert is to understate it.

I had already arranged a viewing next Tuesday, for another, but this was just a look around.

The first one proved to be a total dog of a car. We could not even get into the driver’s door. This was the car the dealer hinted was the better. It was in a bad way. Things looked bad.

No test drive, we went back. This time we were assigned a teenager to watch us, as the car was parked 1/4 mile away. I got the keys, and uttered an oath; My colleage, wondering what on earth made me do this asked for the keys, and too suddenly uttered oathes. For we were about to meet the car one digit difference in registration number to his car. Registered to the same garage in Kent 19 years ago moments before his one.

So this tired old MB already had one lucky break; The next was to have this MB expert who I let test drive (for he would know what to expect). At one point the dealer phoned up the teenager, who said we were on test run (that must have surprised the garage!), and it passed.

OK, it needs a lot of tlc, and some more serious work. The first was a drive belt, which I had to buy from MB spares this morning. To say my fame preceeded me put it mildly; an email from my colleague (a regular there), and the service I had was amazing, including a discount! Not that the parts were expensive in the first place.

Then to his place, when the cars met nose to nose; if cars could talk, (viz the trains in the Rev Audry’s stories), one can imagine their mutual surprise, and colleague’s MB telling my MB that if it behaved all would be well. Just like the Audry story, “Old Iron” (one of the four in “Edward the Blue Engine”).

Photo was taken outside Aunt’s house, after the first major journey I’ve taken in it.

4 Responses to “A surprising “new” car”

  1. Gillian Says:

    Congratulations! What a find! We always fancied an old MB, but never had the time to take one on. I suppose retirement would be the ideal time for us, but I’m pretty sure we’ll have lost the inclination by then.
    I love the references to Audry – takes me back to when my big lad was just a little un.
    Happy days, and happy motoring!

  2. Deepthought Says:

    Hi Gillian,

    Surprise to me as well! I know my old Saab was a true workhorse, but the comfort of this MB in comparison…yes, it has many, many issues. I spent two jet wash sessions just washing out under the wheel arches today, not enough, but what a load of muck I removed. Actually a job best done in or after rain, as it softens up the muck.

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