An unexpected farm

March 14, 2010

The white blob *is* an ostrich or similar bird...

It being Mothering Sunday, and as she had not been out of her house for months, unless a hospital or day centre, I decided to take Mother for a run out. Now that my Saab is dead, it was a hired Toyota Aygo (“I-go”, I assume). First, I took her to see what is now her second home, that is, what was Aunt’s place and left to her. Not to view inside (that is still a complete mess), but just the outside with all the wild trees cut down etc.

I wonder if the arrangement when the two sisters inherited the place from their mother was that Mother would inherit the lot for giving Aunt the living in it; or she gets her half back with interest in the form of the other half. There is nothing official, Aunt’s is the only name on the deeds, but there is no evidence that Mother brought anything other than one antique from that house – I really doubt any cash from a mortgaged house to get her share of their mother’s inheritance.

Anyhow, after the view, I continued down the hill and onward for a short trip around S Bucks/Berkshire, a different route to many taken recently.

But part way down the hill I caught a glimpse of what I thought was an ostrich!. So, on the way back I briefly stopped, and tried a couple of pics. The ostriches are some way away from the road, but they are there; whether for eggs for meat I have no idea.


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