Clearing Aunt’s House (1)

February 7, 2010

Clearing a house is never a pleasure. This is one of the worse ones. Although we had barely sratched the surface, I decided to try and get into the loft, in part just to check the water tank, and to find out how stuffed it was.

It was a surprise; most of the loft was empty. In the middle, however, was quite a find.

1 pint Kilner jars - still in boxes of 16!

A load of Kilner jars. I knew that there were a load in the kitchen (which could be seen, but not reached) filled with preserves from who knows when. But these were still in the remains of their original boxes. There are a host of the 1 pint jars of the 1960s (I think), the first Ravenshead jars with the metal sealing ring.

But there were also surprises beyond that:

Two rather more rare jars

On the left is an unused 4 pint jar. A size I never knew existed before the clearing started. On the right is an original Kilner jar, before the “Improved”, and with an original glass lid, and original rubber ring in the bottom. This is a seriously old unused jar!

There is so much in Aunt’s place that will be binned, or if I’m involved, where possible recycled. But I do aim to keep at least a selection of these jars.