Faire is the Heaven

January 3, 2010

This work, written by Spenser and set to music by Harris, was referrenced by Mark Tully on Something Understood (R4 early this morning). This work has deep resonance with me.

With a chapel choir, on the way to a cathedral, I had a migrane attack, and was completely disabled. Not only did it worry me, it worried the choir, as I was the only person singing top tenor (I am a bass).

Quick but deadly, by the time of rehearsal I had recovered [note to Migrane sufferers, it really is one, I happen to be ‘lucky’ to have the flashing lights, the visuals, the splitting headache, the throwing up, the sleep, and recovery in just four or five hours]. Any how it was bitterly cold.

So it turned out that none of the basses could reach the bottom D-flat, at the very end of the piece. But I, despite singing top tenor (top A-flat ) could. So it was arranged I would swap lines close to the end with a high singing bass, so as to work my way down the two and a half octaves in the cold.

And why the migrane? I had had a furious and final row with the love of my life (my femme fatale) the night before.


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