The age of things

September 22, 2009

I got to thinking how old some things are today. I was using an
electric/electronic screwdriver, and realised it must be at least fifteen years
old. OK. it has not had a heavy life, but it is an age.

But the thing that got me thinking about age is a sleeping bag. For reasons I
won’t go into here, I needed one, and fetched my late father’s one yesterday. My own one is compromised. My late father’s is his service one – and the date on the inside is “1942”; It worked fine – I had a good night’s sleep for a change, and, I was reflecting, this is over 65 years old! A sixty-five year old sleeping bag! It has one tear, I don’t think it was me, but blood from a cut was.

The IT kit I have around me is old – approx 14 and at least 20 year old printers (the 14 yo one is also the fax machine), the computer core is at least 10 years old (but newer hard disks), the keyboard is old – and my favourate, currently ill is over 20 years old. Mice are new because I get through them so fast. Modem is 12 years old (56k variety, I’m not on broadband still, but apart
from speed of download, don’t miss the things that I cannot do without broadband).

However, my using linux as the operating system means I can continue to use this kit because it is not a resource hog.

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