More early mornings

September 17, 2009

I know, I know. Poor blogger or what..

The earliest I’ve walked by the Thames is 04:00. In August I discovered where Bats would fool around (a dark spot), and even tried taking flash photos, to no effect. Some days I manage to sleep through, more or less, but the majority of the days have had me walking by the Thames pre dawn (since the last entry). There was also a high tide that left me trapped on a bench surrounded by 4 inches of water over the footpath for perhaps an hour. Photos to be posted. Only once have I come across a homeless person, but during the warmest period, I admit I had considered the idea of taking a sleeping bag and sleeping out for the night in some quiet nook (I did not find one quiet enough).

This morning, by Richmond Riverside, there was a young fox (I guess this year’s cub), who often got to within 6′ of me, only to be put off by my scent. I’d never seen a fox there before (I guess normally the Canada Geese keep them away), although foxes can be seen even in the middle of the afternoon in the garden of the garden flat of this block.

The last two rehersals had me almost falling asleep while singing. I’ve never had this type of problem before, and reminds me of Arthur Lowe (most famous from Dad’s Army) who suffered from narcoleptsy – i.e. would fall asleep with no warning.