“Coming soon, on a blog near you…”

February 22, 2009

There is a reasonable amount to report, but due to work (on a Sunday night, that is how desperate it is), I’ll just have to trail some of the items to appear in the next week:

Cymbidium first spike in bloom;
Some Pleonies growing strongly; nothing from others…;
Moth orchid still in flower 9 months after purchase (on original flower spike);
Geraniums in flower and flower bud (in February);
Music and concert;

I’m writing this while some parts sit in front of the electric fire to dry them out after washing, as soon as they are, I’ve got to glue them together, so the glue sets overnight, thence the next job tomorrow am, when I resort to “Araldite Rapid” for the job, not as good, but sets so fast as to allow me to finish the job and despatch it the same day.


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