HF Fluorescent lamps [2]

February 14, 2009

Although rather heavy (compared to the incandescent light bulbs), I use a HF fluorescent bulb in my anglepoise-type lamp holder. Due to the heat damage to the bulb holder in the anglepoise, for some time I had to twist the bulb a little every time I turned on. But yesterday, that had no effect, and nor did playing around with the contacts in the bulb holder. So I got a new bulb out. It came on immediately. Within a couple of minutes it went off. Then on, then off…, like some extremely slow morse code being flashed out. No amount of playing with the bulb holder made any difference.

So I got out yet another bulb, put it in, and its been as good as gold ever since. So I have another bulb that has just died, but without taking out half the electrics in the flat, and one that is clearly faulty on arrival – not exactly DOA, but just as useless.

This anglepoise [-type] lamp actually came from Habitat, when that shop had a different emphasis to that of the modern day stores. Its life is now limited because the heat from incandescent lamps (the thing is from the 1980s) has made one vital plastic piece – the part the lamp screws into – very fragile indeed, and I cannot find where one can purchase replacement bulb holders that fit into lamps such as this. I also have a desk lamp that used to belong to my brother, where the bulb holder has broken for the same reason; I kept it instead of his throwing it away, thinking I could get a new bulb holder for it…I’m still looking.


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