Pulled Over

January 28, 2009

Recently I’ve twice had the misfortune to be pulled over by PC Plod.

The first time was with a full car, by two motorcycle cops. Their reason was a failed light, but they then started jumping up and down on the rear bumper, trying to make the car “bottom out”. i.e. hit the suspension stops. I knew they had fallen off (not an MOT failure), but I pointed out I was house clearing, so therefore carring a lot – but no more than 5 people plus luggage, surely (the car’s stated limit). So the officer, disgruntled at not failing the car as “overloaded”, gave me a warning. Had to go through the whole indentification procedure; “post code” “tango whisky…”

The second, last week, was a bit more alkward. IF one times it right, one gets the needed 3/4 way around the roundabout at the end of my road, in one go, without shooting any of the three sets of lights. It was my mis-fortune to mis-time it, shoot one set of lights at red, with a cop cart behind me. I got out, full of apologies and explanations. Without grovelling, I explained it was a mis-timing on my part, that as there was no camera on the junction I would try it on (and I would not on such a junction, or any unknown junction).

I was let off with another warning, no penalty points (which they could have given me) because “I had the right attitude”. Mind you, it was iffy; if you pass the first lights at amber, you hit the second at red – and with only 20yds between the two, no chance to slow down and stop…that may have been my near-undoing this time