More notes on a depression

January 21, 2009

For the first time in weeks I attended the choir I sing in. Many gave me sympathy for my current plight re mother and work.

Driving back (and looking for a bank machine to top up my mobile phone, as it became empty this evening), I became aware of more places closed down in Richmond; restaurants and pubs/bars. As I was travelling further, there was, of course, Woolworth’s in Twickenham, plus more bars, and some others.

I note that as M&S’s close down of 27 of their “Simply food” chain , various suppliers also collapse. Sir S Rose, the now CEO and chairman of M&S, made a bad call by not putting it in the hands of the John Lewis Partnership’s Waitrose brand. He had the chance. JL could cope because in many cases they did not intersect branches, and with little extra overheads could manage the extra turn-over in premium ranges.

Finally, an odd note on a depression.

I purchased Seville oranges (from Waitrose, Beaconsfield, my usual store) about a week ago. Yet an on-line forum (I was looking for alternative recipies) suggested these were as rare as hen’s teeth, and that Waitrose was the only supplier, other than specialist greengrocers. I had wondered if even Waitrose supplied every store, but last weekend proved wrong on that point, when I found them in Richmond.

So how come Marmalade making is such a topic this year, (e.g. “The Archers”) when none of the *major* supermarkets appear to be stocking Sevilles?