Local MP / Recession

January 19, 2009

A local MP is Vince Cable, the Lib Dem Treasury spokesman (Twickenham) I respect his abilities, though not all his policies.

There does seem to be a saturation coverage for him at present, and that is at a time when he seems to be on a publicity high. Desert Island Discs, various BBC news programmes, much discussion of his dancing etc. I believe him to be a far better performer in the House of Commons than his leader, Nick Clegg. It is one of my rant topics, the current “Cult of Youf” that means he is not leader. Or, in a hung parliament, C of the E. It would be a sad loss were he not C of the E, no matter what party nominally in power, given the current situation of the oeconomy (correct spelling).

My (demutualising) shareholding in the Halifax – HBOS, now Lloyds Banking Group, appear to be such that the share certificates may as well substitute for toilet roll.

Notes on a recession.

In Richmond on 17.I.09

Sony Centre; closed by last weekend, store gutted by Saturday.

“Paper Passions”, a specialist shop for good cards, other paper goods etc, closed “beyond control” = bank pulling plug (?). Store still stocked, so clearly not due to lack of stock, or if xmas was anything to go by, not lack of custom.

Whittards. Closing down sale, probably as part of rescue.


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