January 18, 2009


For many years my father grew this type of orchid. Probably Pleione Formosana. I remember one year in particular. I was in temporary residence in Shepherd’s Bush, W London, and the property was up for sale. It was just before I found a hovel in Richmond, which was central, in a good area, cheap, but a hovel.

Although in theory I had just one room, one corner was made into a
kitchenetteine, and the external loo/shower was effectively just for me, as the other “flat” (sic) was never let while I was there. I thus had what was in effect a (very) small flat for the price of a room – but it was a hovel. The electrics were a disaster area. I saved some cost of the rent by improving the place (e.g. putting up shelves in the kitchen (properly!), which were sorely lacking).

Indeed, living there for a year allowed me to save enough money (plus a legacy) to buy a flat in the same general area. Why I left, and in such a hurry, is either elsewhere, or will be elsewhere in the future.

But I digress. My father lent me a pot of Pleiones to brighten the Shepherd’s
Bush hovel, so I have a soft spot for them.

Anyway, I found various websites for these, and one in particular, Heritage Orchids. Since they are close to where my mother lives, I dropped by (by arrangement) and purchased some Formosana, and a hybrid called Rakata. I was interested in this, as at Chelsea Flower Show one year, I had been very impressed by (a different company’s) display of yellow and apricot Pleionies.

Those I purchased had been potted up for me, (although I had agreed to purchase some compost as well, to save me calling in at a garden centre or whatever).