Work dilemma

January 10, 2009

I don’t often comment about work, although it is the dominant theme of my life, but this weekend has a real dilemma.

Either I make two assemblies, for a good customer, but we cannot complete the units because the panels have to be repainted (the wrong colour by two RAL points); value of the three (one already finished) ~ £15k. Maybe bt 25th before we get the panels and complete the units, *if* I do thewe assemblies now.

Or one large assembly, for an awful customer (meaning, payment is a real pain), but we could finish before 16.I, and blackmail them to pay up-front, approx £15k.

This example is just a regular situation I face, but it is not usually so finally balanced as this. Normally it is one urgent and one not quite wso urgent, but the latter worth zsay 40 times that of the urgent; which do you do first?