Just what you normally see on the M25

August 14, 2008

I was somewhat late in leaving to go to a customer in Oxfordshire today (DHL failing to deliver in anything like good time). Anyway, I joined the M25, on the way to the M4, and as I joined I met an incredible sight. These were all taken by me, using my camera phone, at about 55mph.

Not the first view, but I fell in behind…


As it got to the M4 junction, this lorry pulled to the right, I to the left, to negociate the M25/M4 junction, so a behind side view…


And then the full side view.


From the internet: This from the “Poppy line”, Midland and Great Northern Joint Railway Society (pic and text).


Bressingham Museum’s ‘Martello’, a Southern Railways ‘Brighton Terrier’ 0-6-0 visited from late December 2005 to late March 2006. It was built by William Stroudley in 1875.These two-cylinder engines were known as the ‘Brighton Terriers’ and were in service for up to ninety years. Martello was withdrawn in November 1963.


This pic comes from a video site of Peter Boggis, and shows the train on the North Norfolk Railway (the Poppy line), the line of the M&GN

It also worked the West Somerset railway in 2006.

There had been showers all day (I left to go to this journey during a thunderstorm). On the way back, about 19:00, there was this partial rainbow. I took the pic more to see how the camera would cope. All in all, I’m impressed, especially since I was rather occupied at the same time…


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