Leak fixed – finally

July 20, 2008

This is actually something that happened two weeks ago, but camera/computer problems caused problems.

Anyhow, trying to block the leak at mother’s immersion heater never worked – a new leak seemed to appear. So I bit the bullet, undid the wiring (NB, this is now illegal), and took out the immersion heater. The problem was immediately apparent:


That bit of brown is the remains of the rubber sealing ring.

I went to a plumbers shop, to buy a new rubber ring, only to be told that was not what I needed, but a fiber one. Cost: £0.38. And indeed, once refitted with the fibre seal, (plus a sealant gel), and rewired (NB, this is now illegal), it’s leaktight, and everything working OK, except, possibly, the thermostat.

The rubber ring originally fitted (by me, it has to be said), was what was supplied with the immersion heater.

And the wiring? Well, it is now the law that any mains electrical wiring has to be either (a) done by a contractor, suitably qualified, or (b), inspected by a suitably qualified contractor. Now (b) is impossible, since no contractor is going to approve a job they did not see done themselves…one just says “it was done before the law came in”. Blaim the moron whose wiring job killed the daughter of Jenny Tonge, ex-MP for this area. She pushed this regulation through Parliament.

I learnt how to wire a mains plug at school, and worked for a long time doing mains wiring jobs in industry. I do a better job than those who have the paper qualification that is needed. This bloody over-regulation of every minutae of life really gets to me.


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