At last

October 8, 2006

Going via one of our machinists, to collect what turned out to be £3000 worth of panels, to mother’s. Yes, machinst was working today, as, technically, was I in collecting the things. But some of them are needed tomorrow.

Some clearing of the garden, especially where someone a couple of years ago had had a bonfire, with loads of broken glass, remains of a mattress (Zem, RIP) et al. This bit was not visible from the house, so no doubt why it was not noticed at the time. Earlier in the year, I heaved a load of junk over the boundary onto the suspect’s garden, where it remains, which I take to be the sign of a guilty conscience.

There are still loads of apples on the Mutsu tree, so leaving another week to ripen further.

Anyway, (fanfare), the Saffron Crocus (Crocus Sativus) are flowering. As mentioned earlier, I told them to pull their…fingers out, as it were, and two are flowing with a few more in bud. But I’d not taken the camera. For some reason, the Nastursums, having been shy all summer, are also starting to put up a show, while the Dahilas begin to fade, but the Cyclamen are starting through their cycle.

It turns out I will be more-or-less passing mother’s tomorrow as well, doing an urgent delivery to a customer, so camera will go, as well as me making the first saffron crop of the year, or the last few. English saffron may sound odd, but don’t forget Saffron Walden, in Essex, which got the name because….that was where they used to grow saffron.

I also need to collect a pallet that I stored there, which I dug out today, but will not have room in the car until the said delivery tomorrow.


Broken Gutter

October 7, 2006

Taking my life in my hands, I’ve got a pic of the broken gutter. It shows what a bodge the neighbours did when they “fixed” the gutters last time…


The trough of the gutter should be clamped down by the light grey clamps. One is in position, but not clamping, the other is hanging down, and broken plastic shows why the clamp failed.

OK, it’s easy to take a pic with a camera with Zoom, but it’s significatly just beyond reach from the window.

Funny thing, five years ago I stood where I did here to paint my window. This time, I had quite a fear of falling off…although possibly more a fear of being pushed or nudged by gust of wind or something like that.

Work, Bathroom and Gin

October 7, 2006

A lot of work going on in the last few days. To add to my problems, someone is sending thousands of spam emails, appearning as if they were sent from my company’s domain name. I only found out when I received hundreds of “bounce back” emails (mailbox not existing, or “this is spam” or other messages). That took half a day to get under control (by which I mean, filtered out all these messages, and able to use my mailbox again). Probably still thousands being sent out every hour…

Downstairs appear not to just be putting in a new bathroom suite; the appear to be knocking the walls of the bathroom down and putting up new ones. That will explain the noise, drilling hammering, large sheets of gyprock and plywood that occasionally block my door etc. Meanwhile they have disappeared for the duration (another holiday).

That coffee beer I referred to. I tried a bottle yesterday, (only 330ml), and actually it was quite nice. But that was after a G&T or two, so maybe not the best time for tasting.

Talking of G&Ts, and without meaning to advertise, I usually use Bombay Sapphire. Some other brands seem to give me a hangover, however little I have. I brought a bottle of Xoriguer, from Menorca recently, and it’s a nice change, with just a little twist in the aftertaste.


October 4, 2006

I live in the top floor flat, and, as such, it’s “in the roof”. So the gutter is below me.

Earlier this year, I spotted the white sheen of salts on the brickwork, and realised that was the sign of bricks getting soaked. And then I found where the gutter was leaking.

It does not affect me. But everyone else is blaiming me for not getting it fixed sooner, even though they would be blissfully unaware, were it not for me raising the alarm in the first place.

In the flat below, the new couple have advised that they are getting a new bathroom installed. That will be the forth bathroom installed in that flat since I moved into mine. Just what is it about people moving in, immediately stripping the bathroom and kitchen of perfectly good (and usually quite new) features, replacing them with a different version, and then claiming to be Green?


October 1, 2006

Just become aware, via the PM blog, of David Cameron’s blog. Oh God. Perhaps I should give up right now, if this is what we get….

The rainstorms today prevented more apple picking. It also flooded my car’s passenger seat via a leaky sunroof and blocked drain pipe. All fancy tools failed to unblock it, but a supple twig did the trick; after I disconnected the pipe from the other end with a drain unblocker… So the heater was full on during the journey back to London, to try and dry out the car interior. And, with no anti-freeze in the system at present (after various leaks after the gearbox transplant), the water gets hot with a capital H, and so does the heating system.

I also discovered that father’s shed is leaking, albeit because of the tacks holding on the roofing felt; the felt itself is fine. Threw the only tarp I could find over the bench, but that clearly is not enough. Father build the shed himself, 40 years ago, it’s unique not because of that, but because it’s minimum height is 6’6. He was 6’2 in his prime, I’m arguably 6′ (with a lot of arguement) currently, was taller than him as he past 70. But finding holes, broken foundations etc every week… And why has it suddenly started to leak now?