Building around

October 13, 2006

Supposedly, today is the last day of the building works in the flat below. So why the builder’s van is still outside at 21:00 (with the lights in the flat out) is puzzling/worrying.

I seem to have spent the whole year with major building works somewhere around me, and am rather fed up of the smell of new paint, especially the burnt paint smell when I turn on the gas cooker.

Just down the road is a large site. It was built in the 1900’s by a then local builder, and only a few years ago was sold when the last of the family died. It went to a speculator who failed to get planning permission, and is now clearly selling hoping another specualor has better luck. Problem is two fold. (1) It’s in a conservation area, any “new build” will look terribly out of place, and (2) it backs onto a building of historic note, and this case has appeared in various journals. Augures ill to me.