October 11, 2006

Another day, another not much to show for the whole day’s work.

A number of deliveries failed to turn up today. Included in them was a tarpaullin. This I will have to cover my late father’s shed, to prevent more water leaking through the roof. It’s true it’s not the only problem, but this is leaking onto the electric lights. And I don’t have much time to put a new felt roof on, while not sure why the old one has failed now.

I remember my father building that shed. The wooden frame, put up around his bench, then the exterior ply and glass.

One day, while in hospital, he asked me to look after his work bench and tools. I don’t want to bin them (and indeed they are substancial pieces of seasoned wood, stuff you’d certainly not be able to get these days.

Talking of seasoned wood, I discovered a load of what I was told was American Walnut. It’s close to a milk-chocolate coloured wood – although I prefer the colour of African Walnut. Anyway, although stored outside, and I thought rotten, I discovered they had just seasoned well, and yet more to find a dry store for…


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