Typo – or not

October 10, 2006

Amoung the many things I run is the web site for an organisation I am involved with .

Today I was asked to email to everyone the latest document, but somehow one word was “adjusted” to a near word, (not a real one, but one could dream up a definition of it). I turned up late, so the first salvo on the matter missed me, but have had second, third and forth salvos while trying to protest innocence and not understanding what was happening.

One accusation was that it was a deliberate change, to see if anyone read the things. I retored that I would not do anything as crass as that, it would be a lot more subtle if I was deliberately doing that.

On the PM blog, one Apertif suggests that I’m not using my real name there. Well, apart from doubting that she is doing the same, may I point out that some of us don’t like one of their forenames, and use the another. My elder niece has three to choose from in future; a mix of English and Irish names, so she can choose her inheritance. But I don’t understand Irish spellings. “Niahm” = Neave?