At last

October 8, 2006

Going via one of our machinists, to collect what turned out to be £3000 worth of panels, to mother’s. Yes, machinst was working today, as, technically, was I in collecting the things. But some of them are needed tomorrow.

Some clearing of the garden, especially where someone a couple of years ago had had a bonfire, with loads of broken glass, remains of a mattress (Zem, RIP) et al. This bit was not visible from the house, so no doubt why it was not noticed at the time. Earlier in the year, I heaved a load of junk over the boundary onto the suspect’s garden, where it remains, which I take to be the sign of a guilty conscience.

There are still loads of apples on the Mutsu tree, so leaving another week to ripen further.

Anyway, (fanfare), the Saffron Crocus (Crocus Sativus) are flowering. As mentioned earlier, I told them to pull their…fingers out, as it were, and two are flowing with a few more in bud. But I’d not taken the camera. For some reason, the Nastursums, having been shy all summer, are also starting to put up a show, while the Dahilas begin to fade, but the Cyclamen are starting through their cycle.

It turns out I will be more-or-less passing mother’s tomorrow as well, doing an urgent delivery to a customer, so camera will go, as well as me making the first saffron crop of the year, or the last few. English saffron may sound odd, but don’t forget Saffron Walden, in Essex, which got the name because….that was where they used to grow saffron.

I also need to collect a pallet that I stored there, which I dug out today, but will not have room in the car until the said delivery tomorrow.