Broken Gutter

October 7, 2006

Taking my life in my hands, I’ve got a pic of the broken gutter. It shows what a bodge the neighbours did when they “fixed” the gutters last time…


The trough of the gutter should be clamped down by the light grey clamps. One is in position, but not clamping, the other is hanging down, and broken plastic shows why the clamp failed.

OK, it’s easy to take a pic with a camera with Zoom, but it’s significatly just beyond reach from the window.

Funny thing, five years ago I stood where I did here to paint my window. This time, I had quite a fear of falling off…although possibly more a fear of being pushed or nudged by gust of wind or something like that.


Work, Bathroom and Gin

October 7, 2006

A lot of work going on in the last few days. To add to my problems, someone is sending thousands of spam emails, appearning as if they were sent from my company’s domain name. I only found out when I received hundreds of “bounce back” emails (mailbox not existing, or “this is spam” or other messages). That took half a day to get under control (by which I mean, filtered out all these messages, and able to use my mailbox again). Probably still thousands being sent out every hour…

Downstairs appear not to just be putting in a new bathroom suite; the appear to be knocking the walls of the bathroom down and putting up new ones. That will explain the noise, drilling hammering, large sheets of gyprock and plywood that occasionally block my door etc. Meanwhile they have disappeared for the duration (another holiday).

That coffee beer I referred to. I tried a bottle yesterday, (only 330ml), and actually it was quite nice. But that was after a G&T or two, so maybe not the best time for tasting.

Talking of G&Ts, and without meaning to advertise, I usually use Bombay Sapphire. Some other brands seem to give me a hangover, however little I have. I brought a bottle of Xoriguer, from Menorca recently, and it’s a nice change, with just a little twist in the aftertaste.