October 4, 2006

I live in the top floor flat, and, as such, it’s “in the roof”. So the gutter is below me.

Earlier this year, I spotted the white sheen of salts on the brickwork, and realised that was the sign of bricks getting soaked. And then I found where the gutter was leaking.

It does not affect me. But everyone else is blaiming me for not getting it fixed sooner, even though they would be blissfully unaware, were it not for me raising the alarm in the first place.

In the flat below, the new couple have advised that they are getting a new bathroom installed. That will be the forth bathroom installed in that flat since I moved into mine. Just what is it about people moving in, immediately stripping the bathroom and kitchen of perfectly good (and usually quite new) features, replacing them with a different version, and then claiming to be Green?