October 1, 2006

Just become aware, via the PM blog, of David Cameron’s blog. Oh God. Perhaps I should give up right now, if this is what we get….

The rainstorms today prevented more apple picking. It also flooded my car’s passenger seat via a leaky sunroof and blocked drain pipe. All fancy tools failed to unblock it, but a supple twig did the trick; after I disconnected the pipe from the other end with a drain unblocker… So the heater was full on during the journey back to London, to try and dry out the car interior. And, with no anti-freeze in the system at present (after various leaks after the gearbox transplant), the water gets hot with a capital H, and so does the heating system.

I also discovered that father’s shed is leaking, albeit because of the tacks holding on the roofing felt; the felt itself is fine. Threw the only tarp I could find over the bench, but that clearly is not enough. Father build the shed himself, 40 years ago, it’s unique not because of that, but because it’s minimum height is 6’6. He was 6’2 in his prime, I’m arguably 6′ (with a lot of arguement) currently, was taller than him as he past 70. But finding holes, broken foundations etc every week… And why has it suddenly started to leak now?